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Liquified Gases:

Liquid gas is more accurately described as liquified gas. Examples of liquified gases include Liquid air and Liquefied natural gas. There are 5 liquid gas provide for our customer:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Nitrogen in Elf Tank
  4. Argon
  5. Carbon Dioxide

Standart Industrial Gases:

Industrial gases are a group of gases that are specifically manufactured for use in a wide range of industries

  1. Compressed Oxygen (O2)
  2. Dissolved Acetylene (C2H2)
  3. Compressed Argon
  4. Carbon Dioxide(CO2)
  5. Compressed Helium
  6. Helium Balloon Gas
  7. Compressed Air
  8. Hydrogen(H2)
  9. Portable

Purified Gases 99.999% (Single Cylinder & Pallet Form):

Natural-gas processing is a complex industrial process designed to clean raw natural gas by separating impurities and various non-methane hydrocarbons and fluids to produce what is known as pipeline quality dry natural gas.

  1. Purified Argon
  2. Purified Helium
  3. Purified Hydrogen
  4. Purified Oxygen
  5. Purified Nitrogen

Special Mixture Gases (Single Cylinder & pallet Form):

Mixture of gases are common in many applications. Our most common example is air - mainly consisting of nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor - moist air. Combustion gas, mainly consisting of nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide, is an other example.

  1. 75% Argon Balance 25% CO2
  2. 80% Argon Balance 20% CO2
  3. 97.5% Argon Balance 2.5% CO2
  4. 95% Argon Balance 5% CO2
  5. 98% Argon Balance 2% CO2
  6. Laser Gas
  7. Calibration gas


The liquefied gases are available in various sizes:

  1. Cryogenic Vertical or Horizontal tanks
  2. Porta cryo tank
  3. Dewar tank
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